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What We Do:

    Wealthy individuals need a strategic plan that deals with all aspects of their wealth: money management, risk control, taxes, charitable concerns, business planning, next generation issues, and retirement planning, to name a few. We'll works closely with clients to create a multi-dimensional strategic plan that encompasses all concerns.

    We start by gaining a thorough understanding of what your family looks like, invests in and hopes for; its culture & values. We then evaluates whether or not your current set of advisors, investments & risk management strategies will get your family to the fulfilment of your goals.

    A virtual family office is a group of experts with complementary skills working together on behalf of a family, but remaining attached to their respective specialist firms. LSL coordinates all required activities on your behalf & thus provides a physical family office hub while those experts use technology to collaborate and meet via conference calls and the web. The key advantage of a virtual family office is the ability to work with top international experts who stay current in their respective fields since they work with and are exposed to many similar situations in various tax & legal jurisdictions.
    The main job of LSL as a virtual family office is integrating the many complex structures, products and services available to wealthy transnational families today in a way that allows desired family goals to be achieved. As the head of a virtual family office, our job is coordinating a carefully selected complementary panel of top experts focused on making sure your family's objectives are achieved in a timely fashion.

    The types of analysis LSL, as a virtual family office, usually include most or all of the following:

    Investment Services

    * Review & evaluate current investment holdings.
    * Analyse asset allocation and implement agreed required changes.
    * Select managers in all asset categories.

    Risk Management

    * Assess current investment risk strategies.
    * Evaluate risks on an asset class, sector , country and individual security levels.
    * Create a master risk management plan.
    * Set up procedures to monitor all your specific investment risks.

    Single Stock Risk Management Services

    * Monitor single stock positions.
    * Work with options and derivatives to manage risk.
    * Evaluate, create and execute diversification strategies.
    * Evaluate exchange funds.

    Alternative Investments

    * Review all alternative investments, including hedge funds, private equity, real estate, venture capital, etc.
    * Create a meaningful strategic allocation and a plan to manage these assets.
    * Provide introductions to & selection of investment opportunities.

    Accounting and Tax Services

    * Assist in the selection of tax professionals.
    * Work with accountants and bookkeepers to prepare cash flow budgets.
    * Work closely with accounting professionals accross national boundaries to optimize possible tax planning opportunities.

    Estate Planning

    * Review the selection of your current tax-law professionals.
    * Review current corporate structures, trusts and estate planning.
    * Create and implement effective estate management vehicles.
    * Monitor and modify plans as necessary.

    Charitable Activities

    * Review current charitable programs.
    * Create or modify charitable vehicles consistant with the opimum objectives delivery.
    * Provide introductions to Donor Advised Funds, Community Foundations, etc with who meaningful synergies can be achieved.
    * Monitor and manage your charitable assets capital investment.

    Credit and Banking Services

    * Provide introductions to banks and other finance groups for credit needs.
    * Arrange mortgages, lines of credit, motor vehicle leases, etc.
    * Manage and monitor your banking relationships as required.

    Insurance Needs

    * Review current insurance.
    * Provide introduction to general insurance brokers.
    * Create comprehensive insurance programs.
    * Monitor and update all insurance requirements working with experts.

    Non-Financial Assets

    * Provide introductions to experts for the acquisition of lifestyle assets such as residences, boats, art, horses and collectibles.
    * Manage the insurance and investment aspects of collectibles.

    Security Needs

    * Provide introductions to professionals who can assess your current level of family personal security.
    * Provide introductions to experts in the areas of personal, home and travel security.
    * Arrange for appropriate insurance to cover kidnap and ransom risks.

    We then assume the responsibility for executing this plan by picking and monitoring investment managers, coordinating legal and tax advisory and overseeing insurance, charitable, real estate and other concerns as needed. Each of these advisors is responsible for some aspect of the plan; We keep the entire plan in focus and makes sure that all of the client?s wishes are carried out. When necessary, we can find specialised experts to handle particular concerns anywhere around the globe.

    We follow up on details, coordinates advisors, monitor & review investment, tax, business succession and estate planning issues, researches charitable giving and performs any number of tasks to simplify the management of financial affairs. These tasks can range from sourcing a mortgage for a second home to finding an art expert or a security company. Clients can minimize their contact with multiple advisors and rely on one contact point to execute their strategy.
  • So we work with you in a process designed to:
    • Discover your needs, expectations, goals, concerns; risk tolerance and time span to formulate a detailed plan comprising our recommendations (a ?financial roadmap?). We believe its implementation should enable you to achieve your objectives, if and where realistically possible.

1. Lifestyle planning is based on the establishment of achievable, quantitative lifestyle goals.
2. Yet the fact is, most people?s goals are not clearly defined, so clients are often ill prepared for the process, and they don?t understand what it will take to achieve these goals.
The first and most important step in the financial planning process is personal goal setting. Our job is to help you articulate long-term goals in the context of your current financial situation, then:

1. Appropriate lifestyle and financial goals are agreed at the onset.
2. You will be informed of the outcomes of your present savings patterns.
3. We will present you with a set of options, you can work through, comprising strategies and technical recommendations based on the analysis of your affairs to achieve your goals.
4. You will need to make a decision about the plan of action and the level of investments risk agreed upon to reach your goals.
5. As part of this, we integrate with other professionals, as your gateway to a team of specialists, who will meet all your financial and legal needs. Like them, we charge a fee for this strategic financial plan, invoice consulting fees and or receive brokerage if applicable.
1. We are happy to accept clients with varying levels of assets, as long as they are able to demonstrate willingness and an ability to save and grow their assets and are able to make decisions in relation to the proposed strategies.
2. We see our role as that of facilitators in terms of the decision making process. Ultimately you the client have to make the final decision.

3. As part of our ongoing relationship, we have a ?duty of care? which includes conducting regular, timely reviews in light of possible changes in your personal circumstances, legislative and market changes, to revisit the continuing appropriateness of your financial plan strategies and asset allocation decision. It?s a process more about looking forward than looking back. Planning is a process, not an event. The initial plan is really the first step. The most important part of a financial plan is the achievement of the set aims.
4. We firmly believe that to make sure your financial program stays relevant with your evolving circumstances in an ever-changing world, we should meet for a review of your affairs at least every 12-18 months, and will call you for an appointment to that effect. Our service fee for this review is detailed in the following ?Fee Schedule?.
Your Commitment:
The creation of a detailed plan is simple, compared to the discipline and commitment required by yourself to consistently successfully implement required strategies to achieve your agreed goals. We?ll help you to build your wealth, as long as you are prepared to save and do what is required to protect your assets.

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