Philosophy & Mission Statement

LSL Philosophy:

The world’s major change forces are: Globalization of commerce, technological and financial innovations, increased consumer demand and the advent of self funded retirement. Most developed and developing countries including Australia, China, the United States and Western Europe are sitting on a social welfare time bomb. In 30 years they will not have enough tax paying employees to pay for their unemployed and retired. Investors face greater levels of complexity than ever; many are confused and uncertain. They seek leadership in their financial lives.
When the new wave of financial information first became available in the 1990s, clients began to confuse information with knowledge. Quality information is useless without the skills to interpret it, and dangerous if plans are implemented without discipline.

Affluent clients hire people rather than companies. Their decision to appoint an adviser in an increasingly complex investment landscape will be based more on individual criteria than corporate branding.

LSL Mission:
To help our clients build and protect their net worth, provide ongoing guidance and practical assistance in the creation and retention of their wealth in uncertain socio-economic times.

LSL First Duty:
Is to you. We will use our professional knowledge and ability to provide advice and services that best suits your needs.

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