About Lombard Securities (LSL)

A non institutions owned or aligned financial services company with its own Australian Financial Services Licence issued and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)
LSL has been providing comprehensive structural financial advice on a fee for service basis to business and professional executives,transnational families and corporate clients since incorporation in February 1989.
LSL clients are concerned with preserving and increasing the value of their accumulated capital in real terms & in a sustainable manner over the long haul, as they expect to remain productive in active retirement. They also understand that their longevity is likely to be much greater than that of their parents and grandparents.
They want to continue being involved in issues that are important to them and make a quatifyable difference toward those who have not been as fortunate as they are, whilst maintaining a quality, ecologically and socially responsible and fulfilling lifestyle.
They also have no desire in becoming the richest person in the cemetery & are conscious that leaving a lasting, meaningful legacy to their offsprings involves much more than simply money

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