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Most Australian businesses need a simple and affordable Internet web site to promote their products and services. Researches all over Australia, indicate that for high-involvement, or high-value products or services, 67% of consumers use the Internet for creating a short-list of potential suppliers in Melbourne. There are many reasons to consider investing in a simple website. These include:

  • Your web site can sell for you 24 hours a day x 7 days a week
  • Your Internet presence can support your Yellow Pages , press and other advertising
  • It can give your prospects far more information than a telephone call
  • You can include pictures, sound, documents and other media in the design to strengthen the sales process
  • Your web site and domain name become a business asset with a real value that can be sold when the business is sold. This is very important these days.
  • Your web pages can generate leads for your sales staff to follow up
  • You can receive orders, bookings and inquiries from anyone connected to the Internet
  • You can test new product and service ideas before investing in advertising
  • If it is designed well, your web site can be easily updated, corrected and improved

Creator Web Design, website design Melbourne. Our website design, website designers, web developer, eCommerce web design, web application development, Search Engine Optimisation, web designer and Shopping Cart solution is ideal for small to medium businesses.

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